4 Simple Steps To Get Them Ready For School, Without It Taking FOREVER! 

Ready For School

My daughter is almost 5 and getting her ready for school was driving me insane. I felt like all I ever did was say “come on, we are going to be late, eat your breakfast, hurry up”. It was ruining my mornings and kick starting my day in the worst possible way. 

So I decided to shake up every element of our morning routine and finally now me and my daughter jump in the car to school smiling!  So here are 4 simple steps you can try too

Step One: 15 minutes of child time – activity of their choice.

When my daughter woke up I used to hurry her into the kitchen for breakfast as that was the longest part of the morning (who takes 40 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal?) she was so very slow. So after reading some advice about spending more time in the child ego I decided to start the day spending 15 minutes together doing whatever she wanted to do before starting our day.

Sticking, bead making, drawing, making biscuits… wait I know you are thinking “I don’t have time to spend a whole 15 minutes to play in the morning” and that is what I thought too but actually, those 15 minutes save me so much time getting her ready for school and result is my daughter getting on with her day with more ease.

It is really important you tell your child “we have 15 minutes play time doing whatever you want then we can have our breakfast”. To ensure they know exactly what the plan is. Taking our ego to a child’s ego makes them relate to us and means they are much more willing to do things with us after this special time. 

This is purely child time, no chores, no phone, no chatting to others in the house!

Step Two: Let them make their own breakfast.

The next big one for us was breakfast. Getting ready for school was painful thanks to how long this took! One morning she loved porridge the next day she was “over it” and the eating, wow it was slow, so very slow. So we created a healthy breakfast making routine. Each morning my daughter tells me what she wants in her bowl.

The base is normally oats, chia seeds and oat milk with a little honey and the then other flavours change so maybe one day she wants banana in it with cinnamon or maybe the next day she wants grated Apple in it, another day grapes and no chia seeds. Maybe she wants some cereal mixed in.

An own invention breakfast becomes fun, it gives the child some control as they guide you to get what they want and the result for me was incredible healthy breakfast eaten with no fuss. Kids need to feel they have control and this is a perfect way to give them that feeling.

Step Three: Let them think they are choosing their own clothes 

I know we are not really meant to do anything for our children that they can do for themselves but let’s be honest when we are rushing them out the front door we do not always have time for them to spend 30 minutes deliberating on which colour pants they want to wear.

It is often faster to grab their clothes and pull them into them.  So in our house, I pick out two outfits and lay them on the bed and say which one do you want to wear. Now frequently she will pick one of the two suggestions but if she does not she is driven to make a third selection of her own choice so that she does not have to wear what I suggest so again a nice easy process. 


Step Four: Don’t say we are going to be late

It is so easy to say “we are going to be late” and for me as a working mum this is really on my mind, on days where my daughter is taking a long time to get going I can feel myself wanting to talk about being late, however you will get a much better response if you say “ come on your friends are waiting for you”  this highlights the benefit to your child of getting going and is a much better motivation that we are late.

These 4 simple steps have been life changers for us. Each day gets easier and it is more enjoyable for all the family. I hope they help you too!

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    karuna says:

    Great article! My 3 year old boys do much better when I let them play for half an hour before breakfast. I was struggling with getting them both up and dressed. They were fighting it and my patience would go. I’d start the mornings frustrated and yelling. Now I tell them to go choose a tshirt and shorts and they dress themselves. They are motivated now that they have control and a choice. But I like the idea of laying a couple things out. As otherwise I spend a lot of time refolding everything they have taken out of the draws 🙂

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