Want to be INSPIRED? Buy this book for your daughter and read it out loud to her!


Parenting is one of the most incredible personal growth experiences there is. Rarely are we challenged as much as when we have a child.

If are prepared to learn as our children learn, be open to the challenge, shift our boundaries and our belief systems as our children grow, then we can discover a whole new side to ourselves too. As I continue to research Positive Psychology related to kids, I learn about incredible techniques that have been scientifically proven to make our kids happier, but why just apply it to them?


A great example techniques is 3 Good Things, when I read about this I immediately wanted to apply it to myself too. I want to enjoy the same benefits as my child. In the case of Three Good Things – increased happiness is a welcome result!

Investing time in active parenting and teaching kids to be inspired, self regulating, grateful, resilient, etc can really rub off on us too and makes us happier people and that is exactly why I am suggesting you must read this book.

My daughter was given Goodnight Rebel Girls for her 5th Birthday by the savvy blogger ‘Wild Ginger ‘(Link below). I had read a lot of hype about this book but had not yet ordered it.

Inspired Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls



WOW each story is just one page long and the simply written stories are beyond inspiring but not just for my daughter, importantly for me too. To read about maverick, independent girls and women who have made huge contributions to the world by working hard for what they believe in, is hugely inspiring.

Gymnasts, activists, scientists, spies, singers, pirates, and pretty much every role you could imagine all held by females who believed in themselves.

One story is about Poet and Baker; Cora Coralina who married, raised 4 kids, worked many jobs and then at 60 years when her kids were grown up she returned to her first love of writing poetry. She then sold her poem’s door to door with her cakes. She became famous across the country and wrote her very first book at 75 years old.

As I read it, at almost 40 years old myself, I was inspired to learn about a woman who after raising her family went on to live her purpose and find great success later in life.


With every page we read my daughter and I were excited. Girl inventors aged 15, women who had a passion and pursued their careers despite being told they would never succeed, famous sports people who despite accidents get back out there and keep going.

This is most inspiring book, filled with one-page stories of girls & women who changed the world. We are real book lovers in our house and this is without a doubt our favorite kids book yet!

You can get it on Amazon here  Enjoy!








Get inspired by healthy recipes and musings by Wild Ginger who gave us this wonderful book.

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