Book Review: Have You Filled A Bucket Today

Have You Filled a Bucket TodayHave you filled a bucket today

A guide to daily happiness for kids by Carol Mcloud.

The story is simple and accessible to children, we all carry around invisible buckets with us.

“Your bucket has one purpose only. Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and feelings about yourself.” 


This is the number 1 book in our house.  We talk about it often, as it is definitely the book that has had the biggest impact.

Written by Carol Mcloud a early years childhood specialist, it beautifully highlights that we can affect other peoples emotions with our words and actions. The illustrations by David Messing are colourful and fun and perfectly bring to life the words in the book.

If my daughter is rude to me than I can simply say ” you just emptied my bucket” she instantly knows what this means and she also understands that it empties her bucket too.

Likewise if she sees someone in the street who looks sad she will give them a big smile and then whisper to me “Mummy I filled their bucket”

Have You Filled a Bucket Today is a wonderful children’s book that will give your child a deep understanding of how their actions can affect the emotions of the people around them including their own.  

Highly recommended. For more information or to buy a copy of the book please click HERE


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