Understanding What Will Make Our Children Flourish Will In Turn Make Parents Flourish Too.

Having The Confidence To Flourish

Essential Ibiza recently invited me to give an interview. It is exciting to talk about my work, the inspiration it gives me and the flow I find myself in when studying or sharing my findings which also lets me flourish.

You can read the full article here and below I will share the key take away points from the article:

A Positive Parent Flourish

5 Key Take Aways

1. Being a positive parent does not mean you can’t get frustrated, cry, shout or be mad. It just means that, where possible, you will try and use positive techniques to support your child to grow.

2. Recognising that all emotions and experiences (including the negative ones) have some value and can be learned from. If we can learn to name these emotions and experience them for what they are, without hanging on to them for long periods of time, then they will ultimately serve us.

3. We may have forgotten that it’s Ok to be sad, angry or miserable sometimes. These perceived negative emotions and experiences have both benefits and drawbacks, which eventually lead to our growth even if sometimes painful. Our less mature parenting moments should not drag us down, we should recognise our weaknesses and grow from them.

4. Combining elements of Positive Parenting (such as using relative consequences, encouraging kids to be problem solvers and not overusing the word no) and Positive Psychology whilst recognising that challenge plus support will ultimately help our children grow.

5. Parenting is the ultimate personal development opportunity and by understanding what will make our children flourish it will in turn make parents flourish too.

You can read the full article here and maybe even start your own personal journey to flourish with your own children and inspire others to do the same thing too…

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