We can raise healthy, confident, self-assured, intelligent, happy kids and be happier ourselves too.

Easy Positive Ideas for Parents

My name is Jade Gandey and I wanted to let you that it is totally possible for us to raise our kids in a way where we can make both them and ourselves happier?  Where we all have a better life experience.

How do I know? Because I have been researching exciting easy to understand evidence that is giving parents breakthrough experiences with their kids…Below I’ll tell you about easy effective methods that have been bringing thousands of parents great success with their children — without rejection, frustration or shouting.

In fact, you’re about to discover how to take control of your parenting style and give your kids a better start in life, which I know we all want to do. If you would like to join the many parents who are already learning these simple steps then this will be the most life changing blogs you will ever read.

Here’s why: I am a researcher of Positive Psychology when applied to children and families. I add to this complementary positive parenting techniques and I also recognize that challenge vs support = growth, in both us and our children. For my blog I spend hours trawling through research that relates to children, then I share the best bits in easy to understand language that helps my readers learn be a great supportive parents.

I guest blog and I am constantly researching so my readers don’t have too and the great thing is I have a small daughter myself so I test everything on her to make sure it really works. I host outdoor learning days in Ibiza where I take parents on breath-taking hikes to secret beaches where we stop for classes on route to learn many of these great tools.

All this information has laid an amazing foundation for me to have a more balanced home with less battles, more patience and a stronger bond than ever before. But you want to know something interesting?

Just a few short years ago…

I could not keep my cool with my young daughter and she would drive me crazy.  

I actually really hate to admit it but I locked her in her room, shouted at her and cried in despair.  It’s sadly true. Back then I was a self supporting single mum I had the highest level of stress and my daughter challenged my every step and I wondered how on earth I could guide her as she grows up.

Then one day, almost by accident, I started to research something that felt like a gut instinct to me  but I was scared it was going to be too good to be true, with no real foundation but I was very wrong… Positive Psychology is not just some overly happy approach, it really faces up to the challenges of real life: for kids it’s a foundation for  how they get on track to make a good start in life, but also it gives them tools so that  they can manage challenges if something bad does happens, which frequently we know it does.

So I started to apply it.

I almost couldn’t believe it.

Using positive techniques with my child not only reinforced our bond, but it also showed her that in perceived negative times i’d be there.  And you know what happened? By using these positive techniques I was able to come across as less nagging and more supportive and it helped me guide my daughter in a way where she will be more ready listen to what I have to say.

The result? My daughter no longer battles me constantly, yes she battles me, but no where near as much as she did I have more patience and I feel like I have some direction to follow. I am able to gently influence her to make good decisions in her life that will help steer her as she grows. We are much happier as a result!

Further more I became inspired to keep learning… the more I researched some of the key elements of being a positive parent and positive psychology the more a few specific themes started to repeat over and over again and I wanted to learn more about them

These were:

Growth mindset

For example did you know children who are taught their brain is a muscle that grows and that understand that effort makes the brain stronger actually show marked increased motivation and achievement in subjects like maths – so next time your child is working on a challenge make sure you say something like “Wow your brain is getting stronger with all this effort”  as it is scientifically proven to help them to achieve more and help them enjoy the challenge rather than just strive for the end result. Applying this to our kids make us realise that we should also shift into a growth mindset as it is never too late to learn something new and that we too as parents can exercise our brain to grow!

Proper Praise

I had no idea how powerful this one was!  Praising our kids with statements like “you’re the best” Great job and you are so clever” can actually be damaging to our kids. whereas statements like “Wow … that’s a really good score. You must have worked really hard” or “ I can see you put a lot of effort into this” actually drive our kids to tackle bigger problems and work harder. The research on this is truely facinating and will definitely make you want to change your language when praising your kids especially when you can see the results in them yourselves .


Berkeley University suggests that grateful young adolescents compared to their less grateful counterparts, are happier and more optimistic, have better social support, are more satisfied with their school, family, community, friends, and themselves, and give more emotional support to others.

Research shows that a task as simple as writing down three good things each day was associated with increased happiness immediately afterward, as well as one week, one month, three months, and six months later. When you start doing this with your child, telling them your 3 good things you too will feel the benefits of increased happiness. I know I do it almost every day with my daughter and it is a great way to highlight the good in each day.

Regulating Emotions

It has been repeatedly shown that improved emotional regulation leads to benefits in all areas of a child’s life. Scientist John Gottman found that Children who are able to regulate their emotions pay more attention, work harder, and achieve more in school. They are better able to resolve conflicts with their peers and show lower levels of physiological stress. They are also better behaved — and more caring towards others.

A really important aspect of emotion regulation is understanding that negative emotions are not bad, or something that must be avoided. They are a normal part of life, but there are ways to acknowledge and then let go of these feelings so that one is not controlled by them. Happy kids know how to label emotions and let go of bad feelings!


We read about the likes of Apple founder Steve Jobs meditating but we don’t necessarily think of it as a technique for our kids but a 2015 study found that 9 to 11 year old who participated in a four-month meditation program showed improvements in executive functions like cognitive control, working memory, cognitive flexibility — and better math grades. It’s amazing you start introducing these techniques from a really early age using simple youtube videos and great kids books or for older kids here are enough famous influencers for it to be cool to have a go!


Of course we all know exercise is good for our kids bodies but it is good to remember it has been proven that physical activity stimulates the release of “feel-good” chemicals in the brain, called endorphins.  Some researchers argue that exercise acts as a diversion from negative thoughts Others argue that exercise improves mood by virtue of the personal growth and goal attainment that results from efforts to master a physical skill.

Research indicates that the social interaction involved in certain kinds of exercise (such as team sports) contributes to personal satisfaction and consequently, mood enhancement. Another great step in long term happiness.


Interestingly to us parents scientific research has shown that if we eat nutritionally balanced diets, we can aid the treatment of disease, improve behavioural issues and better our health; it even improves our capacity for learning!

In children nutrition also paves the way for essential early neurological and physiological development; proper nutrition enables the body and the brain to grow.” so teaching our kids about food can really aid their future wellness and the more we understand about nutrition for them then we can apply it to ourselves too!

Self Control

So Kids with poor self-control and planning abilities are more likely to have aggressive behavior problems, They are also more likely to experience anxiety and depression.

Over the long term, impulsive kids are more likely to become obese, more likely to smoke, and more likely to become dependent on alcohol or drugs. They are more likely to commit crimes and less likely to become wealthy. They may even suffer shorter life-spans.  But do not fear all is not lost the scientific research also found that self discipline can be a learned behaviour with guidance, so we as parents are in a great position to help prevent anxiety and depression. Even simple games such as Jenga can be great to help our kids learn self control.

What I have found most amazing in my hours and hours of research is that there is overwhelming evidence from detailed studies all over the world that clearly show that we really can make a huge positive influence in our children’s lives if we start to work on some of these areas of our kids lives.

Without shouting..

Without having to give in…

And without messing them up

And the best bit…

It’s actually easier than we thought…

In the words of Martin Seligman the father of Positive Psychology “it was far more than just fixing what was wrong with them. It was about identifying and amplifying their strengths and virtues and helping them find the niche where they can live these positive traits to the fullest.”

And guess what?

You can learn how to do the same thing, i want to expand more on what I have just told you.

I am inviting you to join me as I share a step-by-step 8 module course


Here’s Just A Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover In This Course Easy Positive Ideas for Parents

And there’s more.  A LOT more.

The best bit?

No tests, no exams just helpful advice you can use as a foundation at home and each module is a maximum of just 30 minutes of your time.

Being a fellow parent I appreciate how spare time is rare, so I have condensed this to just the bits you really need.

The evidence really does show that if you want to raise healthy, confident, self assured, intelligent and importantly happy kids then you should be using these techniques at home.

In each module I will share with you my findings in bite sizes chunks, mixed in with great mini talks and short fun info filled video’s

I will provide you with printables and specific techniques you can use in your home with kids from 2 to 16 as part of the Easy Positive Ideas For Parents.

I am sure you have read this blog because you are ready to make changes and feel confident in the parenting decisions you make with your kids, that you want to guide them to be the best version of themselves as they grow up and to support them as life presents its many challenges in a positive, well researched and scientifically backed way.

Easy Positive Ideas For Parents

I would love the opportunity to share this amazing knowledge with you and I believe that parenting is the ultimate personal development opportunity and by understanding what will make our children flourish it will in turn make us parents flourish too.

So today I am offering you the chance to join my step-by-step 8 module course


For a unique offer of just £19.75 

Yes you are right that is 90% off it’s full price of £197.  On my website this course retails at the full amount at the full £197 but now you can join for just £19.75

Why such a great price… because I want to help parents raise amazing happy kids and I want to reach as many people as possible. This information has been life changing for me and I believe it can be for you. I have attended courses, spent many hours trawling the internet, read endless books and studies so you don’t have too.

You will receive 8 modules to learn at your own pace, they are designed for you to spend just 30 minutes per week on them but if you want to learn at a faster or slower pace that’s just fine you have instant access to everything on signing in.  I have included great videos of experts sharing their advice as well as my own easy to digest highlights  that will help you really start to understand how these elements can change your life.

To support you on this journey I will also give you 2 weeks free membership to my exclusive closed membership community where you will receive, exclusive videos, access to my Q & A, inspiring talks, activity suggestions and get the opportunity to be part of an active group of Positive Parents who think like you do!

So the only question I have for you is are you ready to receive support to help you raise healthy, confident, self assured, intelligent kids and importantly happy kids!







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