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My name is Jade I am 40 this year! Originally from the UK but I have lived in Ibiza, Spain for nearly 7 years. It’s a dream for many

I have been a working full time single mum for 3 of the 4 years of my daughters life and in the last year have a wonderful boyfriend (what’s that called when you are a single mum then you move in with a boyfriend who is amazing but it’s not exactly the same as being both parents as your child still wants you in those moments no matter how much she loves your partner?).

before and after transformation

I have definitely experienced many challenges when it comes to being a mum, from putting food on the table, paying the rent, to making bad life choices, severe carpal tunnel that meant I could not lift my child and more much but with shear determination, lots of exercise, more careful life choices, amazing books, supportive friends and an amazing personal development course (iDiscover).

I feel like I am forging a good life for myself. The transformation physically has been as obvious as the transformation inside.

The positive parenting thing has been in my mind from when my daughter was born but wow its been really hard to implement especially with the huge amounts of stress I have experienced, tempers fray and it all gets too much.

Luckily living in one of the most desirable places in Europe means that many people will gladly come and live in your home and help with your child in exchange for board and keep whilst you work full time and some! www.workaway.info has been a life saver.

a positive parent in ibiza

I am writing this blog to help to keep reminding myself about my own parenting beliefs, supporting those with some good scientific facts and then sharing to help serve other parents who do not have time to research these things.

Blogging is a new world to me and I am excited to learn more.


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