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We can raise healthy, confident, self-assured, intelligent, happy kids and be happier ourselves too.

Easy Positive Ideas for Parents My name is Jade Gandey and I wanted to let you that it is totally possible for us to raise our kids in a way where we can make both them and ourselves happier?  Where we all have a better life experience. How do I know? Because I have been researching exciting easy to understand evidence that is giving parents breakthrough experiences with their kids…Below I’ll tell you about easy effective methods that have been...
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Kids Gardening This blog first appeared as a guest blog as part of the Blissful Domestication blog series titled Get In Your Garden. We love to support Kids Gardening. As parents our gut instinct is to get our kids out into the garden, we know it is good for them but do we know why? I read a sad article in the Guardian recently which said ” Three-quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates, according to...
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