Want to be INSPIRED? Buy this book for your daughter and read it out loud to her!

BE INSPIRED FOR PERSONAL GROWTH Parenting is one of the most incredible personal growth experiences there is. Rarely are we challenged as much as when we have a child. If are prepared to learn as our children learn, be open to the challenge, shift our boundaries and our belief systems as our children grow, then we can discover a whole new side to ourselves too. As I continue to research Positive Psychology related to kids, I learn about incredible techniques...
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Book Review: Have You Filled A Bucket Today

Have You Filled a Bucket Today A guide to daily happiness for kids by Carol Mcloud. The story is simple and accessible to children, we all carry around invisible buckets with us. “Your bucket has one purpose only. Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and feelings about yourself.”    This is the number 1 book in our house.  We talk about it often, as it is definitely the book that has had the biggest impact. Written by Carol...
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