Personal Development For You And Your Child

Caring for our kids


Anxiety, low self esteem, depression, social media escapism, poverty, body dysmorphia, obesity, anorexia, food related auto-immune disorders, high suicide rates and the many other issues face parents and in true form our children enter into these patterns from us, so now is the time to explore personal development for you and your child. 

But what if we could teach our kids the skills to handle life, to learn optimism and self mastery and what if we could also learn these skills ourself at the same time, in a way that is fun, that lets us bond with our children and gives us a happier life.

“Gardeners know that they don’t make plants grow. They don’t attach the roots, glue the leaves, and paint the petals. Plants grow themselves. The job of the gardener is to create the best conditions for that to happen. Good gardeners create those conditions and poor ones don’t.” – Ken Robinson (whose TED Talk ‘Do

Schools Kill Creativity’ is the most popular of all time.

Mixing Positive Psychology with Positive Parenting but with a firm belief that challenge + support = growth I as a inspired researcher of Positive Psychology will share ideas for personal development for you and your child.