The Science Behind Positive Parenting

Since becoming a parent I’ve found myself trawling the Internet and reading books looking for SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH that supports a parenting style which until recent years has been seen as an ‘alternative’ route, often referred to under the umbrella term of ‘Positive Parenting’.  

Raised by hippies I’ve had quite an alternative upbringing myself but in typical rebellion, from such free spirited parenting, I can’t just trust my heart alone. When raising children we as parents want to see scientific research and results the support that being a ‘positive parent’ will help our child grow and flourish. I am passionate about positive psychology and now I have a perfect place to try it out. My home!

A positive parenting mum in ibiza

I am not the expert, I want to learn. The research I have read not only inspires and excites me but it empowers me to feel confident in my choices and I find myself eager to share with my parent friends and so the blog apositiveparent.net was born.

A labour of love which I want to share with other parents who want to support their children in a positive way.

It is important to start by saying a few things about the word POSITIVE. Being a positive parent does not mean you can’t get frustrated, cry, shout or be mad.

It just means that where possible you will try and use positive techniques to help your child grow recognising that all emotions and experiences (including the negative ones) have value and can be learnt from.

It’s also important to note that we live in a happiness obsessed society where we may have forgotten that it’s Ok to be sad, angry or miserable sometimes. These perceived negative experiences help us grow. If we can learn to name these emotions and experience them for what they are, without hanging on to them for long periods of time, then they are all essential to growth.

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I should also say that being A Positive Parent is hard, there are times I get frustrated and behave nothing like A Positive Parent but I try not to beat myself up, I recognize the challenges of parenting and appreciate that ultimately positive parenting techniques will support our family in the long run.

Writing this blog is a great reminder to take a deep breath and use the practices that many researchers have found great results with and in turn will help my child grow.

Please take a look at the blog HERE You will also find positive gift and toy suggestions, inspirational affirmations and quotes, book reviews and more using the tabs along the top!

Read a small section of this weeks book review below:Have you filled a bucket today

The story is simple and accessible to children, we all carry around invisible buckets with us “Your bucket has one purpose only. Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and feelings about yourself.”  If my daughter is rude to me than I can simply say ” you just emptied my bucket” she instantly knows what this means and she also understands that it empties her bucket too.” Read the full review here




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